Our Pastor

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Dr. Ernie Jones, Pastor

EMAIL:  fbcpastorej@gmail.com


Married to the former Theresa L. Ellison of Tampa, Florida. God blessed us with two children, Derrick and Jason, and five grandchildren.

High School: Valdosta High School-1976 - Valdosta, GA

Seminary: Andersonville Baptist Seminary - Camilla, GA.

  •  Degrees: Master of Theology—Sept. 14, 1996

College: Lake Charles Bible College and Seminary - Lake Charles, LA

  •  Doctor of Ministry—June 13, 2003

Certified Christian Counselor—American Association of Christian Counselors—March, 2005

College: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 

  • Doctor of Theology---June 8, 2008



I believe that the Bible is the inherent and infallible Word of The Living God. Not to be added too or taken away from. The Word of God is to be believed, preached and practiced without apology.

I believe in the once and for all payment for sin on the Cross of Calvary. It is the visible bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead that makes our salvation possible. We are saved by the grace of God through faith in the substitutional death of His Son, Jesus Christ, at Calvary.

I believe that once a person is saved by the grace of God, no one or nothing can ever sever that bond between them and Christ. (Once saved, always saved)

I believe in sharing the Gospel through personal evangelism and leading the church to do the same.

I believe that faithfulness and obedience to God, results in the blessings of God.

It is my personal belief that the Church is grown through the Evangelism and Sunday School (small-groups) and that retention is by loving the flock of God and discipleship.

I am in full agreement with the Baptist Faith & Message as adopted by the SBC on June 14, 2000.

I fully support The Co-Operative Program of The Southern Baptist Convention.

Any success or honor that I have received while serving the Lord is because of the mercy and grace of God. God alone is worthy of honor.